Watch on YouTube or I will run over this bunny with a lawnmower:

Lyrics below.
Don't bug me about the bad singing or the voice in the background music please :P Never was too proud of this song, but my family loves it. Trust me, it's funny if your lawn takes over 3 hours to mow since your property is multiple acres. And by the way, we do have a sitting lawnmower, I just used the push one for this video for convieniece.

Straight ahead and you keep those blades a spinnin'.
Think I saw I missed a spot.
I wish now we had the mower you sit in.
I just might be done but mom
Says "you didn't cut straight
There's a patch behind the gate."

Spread the seed!
I do not care if it's tall,
Mow the lawn, mow the lawn,
Like I told you to!
Even at the end of this song,
Mow the lawn, mow the lawn,
'Cause I'm mad at you, mow the lawn.

Yes one day the blades will drop out from beneath.
The oil light's on, I'm exhausted.
Not one break ever happens, except to sleep
I just think I am done but
"Weed-eat around the home.
Better look nice to behold."

You're kiddin' me!
You are doing it all wrong,
Mow the lawn, mow the lawn,
With the deck on two!
Even when the work is done,
Just mow the lawn, mow the lawn,
I don't know how to mow the lawn.

Get on, turn on, mow lawn, get goin'.
When the weeds get tall, we mow the lawn.
Go on, so warm, push on, hold on!...
Don't need to, in Fall, to mow the lawn.

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