Improvisation recorded on the 26th of July 2012 in Marjaniemi, Hailuoto (Fin) in the Sound Room exhibiting a site specific sound installation by Carsten Stabenow (Berlin). Hailuoto born and raised, now New York based movement artist Eija Ranta and the rare rain was filmed and video edited by Antye Greie for Hai Art.

No sound was added or composed additionally. Except for one moment when sound was silenced.

Eija Ranta is Brooklyn based interdisciplinary performer. She is trained in physical theater at the Commedia School in Copenhagen and holds BFA in acting from State Theater Arts Academy of St. Petersburg. Currently Eija studying modern and contemporary dance at Dance New Amsterdam.

Hai Art is an artist run art platform in Hailuoto / Finland with emphasis on sound, digital media, participatory, ecological and interdisciplinary art forms. Hai Art engages the local community as well as invites international artists, curators and competence to the remote island.

The Sound Room is a site specific sound installation in Marjaniemi on the biggest and northern Finnish island Hailuoto. Carsten Stabenow installed his work in May 2012 during the Wind As Context conference.

Carsten Stabenow:

Reflecting on the location – the history of the place as an old pilot station/observatory as well as the local surrounding and it‘s climate conditions and peculiarities and experiments with the sonification of the environment.

In the attic of the building long strings are installed, tuned to the resonant frequencies of the of the timber construction. A resonator/sensor unit outside on the roof picks up the constant wind-energy-caused micro vibration of the roof construction and renders the signal via small transducers to the strings. Between the strings and the timber roof construction a dynamic feedback loop is generated which is constantly modulated by the random environmental energy. The whole space becomes a resonating structure like the body of a wooden instrument and one can observe the many phenomena occurring in vibrating strings - shooting sounds like in upper electricity cables for trains, rhythmic frequency patterns ranging from a short reverb to longer echo sounds, higher pitched natural overtones, a rich variety of slides and frequency shifts.

Eija Ranta and Antye Greie played the sound room, what do you think of it ?

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