There is a new generation among us.
Only this time we are not defined by age, but by our passion to make a difference.
We are a generation identified by what we stand for, not what we stand against, and we refuse to accept that we have to wait until tomorrow to start impacting positive change.
We believe that small steps, when taken together, can surmount to a seemingly impossible journey.
We are change agents today…world leaders tomorrow.
We pay it forward for some of the best run charitable organizations in the world, and we are making a global impact one shirt at a time.
Our decision to wear what we are passionate about is collectively making a difference for some of the world’s most desperate causes.
Some of us are standing up to eradicate famine and drought across east Africa, while others are helping to raise money to save children right here at home.
While the causes that we choose to support may be different; we stand united under one common goal:
Take action towards positive change.
So, do you PIF?
Choosing to shop with PIF means a minimum of 25% of your purchase will go directly to the charity you choose; telling your friends about the cause that you’re passionate about can make an even bigger impact.
World change starts here, how will you make a difference?

The yellow highlighted portions indicate stress points. A short pause should be after each stress point. I like the intonation of the sample provided but the pace can be just a bit slower.

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