John follows up on the ideas introduced in his previous presentation by examining recent scientific research into human consciousness. He discusses important concepts in consciousness such as brainwave entrainment and coherence, and delves into his own model of consciousness that attempts to bridge current models including Ken Wilber's Integral theory and Spiral Dynamics.

John further discusses many of the concepts explored in his recent book, "The Consciousness Paradigm." The Consciousness Paradigm is a synthesis of 3,000 years of human wisdom on consciousness and how to use it to improve our lives. Much common ground is shared by the great visionary leaders that have helped move humanity forward. The book focuses on that common ground of understanding, and how to use this wisdom to improve our lives, and the world in which we live.

“Consciousness is evolving, and we are evolving with it. Today we are at the beginning of an evolutionary step forward for consciousness, a revolution of sorts.

“Empathy for others is the doorway through which love enters our lives. Learning to truly empathize with all of humanity is one of the most fulfilling things we can do: it gives life a gravity of meaning and purpose that fulfills us at levels the ego cannot reach. Shifting paradigms to view the world differently-as one collective human consciousness-could drastically improve the kind of Earth our children, and our children’s children, will inherit.

“My intention is for people to experience a measurable increase in their quality of life as a result of applying these practices.”

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