This HD video is filmed in the Klammath National Forest in Northern California. This is a secluded spot that feels very special. The music is a collaboration between Wodige Wehali and RhythmRancher that was created originally back in 2007 called Dronologic.
For HD viewing, please be sure to select 720HD in the menu disc on the lower right hand corner of the video itself. thanks :-)

Wodige provides smooth enchanting and magical flute masterfully and RhythmRancher provides the soundscape called Dronologic. This soundscape fits the natural settings in the forest very nicely. We hope you will enjoy this. Many thanks to Wodige Wehali for his inspirational and deep flute work on this collaboration. Wodige is an amazing artist and you can see more of his work at this link for his YouTube channel directly @

And please be sure to check out the RhythmRancher band page @
for more details on RhythmRancher and to see what is up over at the RhythmRanch. we have some nice pieces of studio gear and some great instruments for sale over there. why not check and see if perhaps there is something you may be needing .... and enjoy your visit :-)

Also you may wish to check out our business page directly to see what kind of home business we have enjoyed being associated with for 29 years. its pretty cool :-)

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