This video tutorial teaches you how to do a collapse dive to block a shot in soccer. The collapse dive is performed to block and catch a shot that is low and out of reach. This is not performed unless the ball is out of reach by remaining in place.

-Plot the balls path and get yourself in position to block it; this may require running.
-Step towards the ball.
-Drop to lead leg's knee.
-Drop to lead leg's hip.
-Drop to your side in the direction of the ball; keep your hands open and ready.
-Catch the ball.

This technique can be practiced by standing in place and bouncing the ball off to one side and performing the technique. It is important not to dive on your stomach, or belly-flop. You cannot play a ball on your stomach and you may get injured. This is a very physical way to block a shot and you should practice slowly before implementing it full speed. When comfortable, even at full speeds, you should be under control the whole time.

Video instructed by Jen Bannon
Video produced by Ray Fleser
Annotated by Jen Bannon and Ray Fleser

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