Continuing to experiment with HDR Timelapses... I still have lots to learn :)
Haven't figured out a way to get Photomatix to let the exposures to fade to dark naturally.
It keeps wanting to bump up the exposure, creating some gnarly noise issues.
However, I've seemed to have solved my HDR "pulsing" problem :)

Since I'm going to be doing a gig next week with La France Films, I decided to break out the Kessler Crane Shuttle Pod since I want to do some long moves for that shoot. I haven't really used it much since I got the Stealth Pocket Dolly... the Stealth is so nice and compact :)

I do love being able to do a 12' move with the Shuttle Pod system, but man its tough getting it level when you're working solo.

Music: "Lone Hitman" - 12th Degree
Dubstep Music Inspired By Skrillex For Film & Tv

Location: College of Business Complex, FIU, FL

Main Gear:
Canon 5DMKII & Rebel T3i
12' Kessler Shuttle Pod System and Oracle Controller

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