1) 0:00 : 'Lutin' Character Rig, model credit Daniel Samuelsson
The Lutin rig features a full roll joint solution for the FK/IK blending arms, an adjustable foot roll attribute, and space switching. It was skinned to a dedicated deformation joint hierarchy, using only two joint influences per vertex. It uses a system of informational nodes to store information behind the scenes for FK/IK matching, space switching, and export.

2) 0:47 : FK/IK matching using spareParts_utils : Rig Utilities, scripted in Python
3) 1:06 : Prop constraint space switching using Rig Utilities
4) 1:22 : Baking animation and exporting to Unity using Rig Utilities
The character utility tool was scripted in Python, and it handles FK/IK matching for the character's arms, seamless parent space switching on various rig controls, as well as animation baking and export. The tool uses information stored within metaNodes on the rig to get control positions and manipulate the rig. It also combines modular character geometry and copies skin weights from original character meshes to a consolidated mesh.

5) 1:44 : Modular Autorig in Python, developed from 3D Buzz 'Modular Rigging Systems' DVD
The modular character auto rig was developed from a 3D Buzz learning DVD. I was responsible for coding the system in Python from reference code, as well as debugging, troubleshooting, and adapting the user interface to work in the QT interface scheme new to Maya 2011 and 2012. The system handles the placing of joints and building of animation control setups procedurally.

6) 2:41 : mr_motionTrail : Advanced motion trail utility, scripted in pyMel
The mr_motionTrail script is a motion trail utility that expands the default functionality of Maya's motion trails and allows the user to quickly add, edit, and remove trails in the viewport. It has been featured on lesterbanks.com and is available as a free download on Creative Crash.

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