Jesse Zaritt and Neil Harris taught an incredible composition class at the American Dance Festival this summer about performance and activism. Before the class showing, we required our audience to wear the audition numbers ADF students have to wear during the auditions that take place the first week of the festival. The audition process is pretty traumatic for us, so we wanted to do something that could redeem this awful part of the festival. Leah Wilks came up with the idea to have our audience write inspirational messages on the back of the numbers, for the dancers who would be wearing them next year.

The video begins with how one of the groups in the class organized their portion of the audience, and ends with the audience writing their notes. To view photos of the number notes, follow this link:

The middle of the video is the solo I created for the class, which was a study on "Failure ".

Thank you to Randall Smith for filming this.

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