The ultimate equipment rack solution for core data center equipment, Telect’s Data Center Rack provides a seismic-certified, highly durable and versatile platform for mounting equipment such as servers, routers, batteries, and other crucial 
network components.

Through it's strength, seismic security, and sheer good looks, you'll be sure to demonstrate to the world that you do excellent work.

Highly configurable, the Data Center Rack features enhanced durability and the ability to hold a broad range of network equipment. Each rack is independently certified Zone 4 seismic, rated to hold up to 2,000 lbs., 1250 lbs., and 750 lbs. of network equipment. Battery shelves are also compatible, making the rack ideal for core equipment or as a heavy-duty battery rack.

Telect offers private-label rack solutions, outfitted with your logo(s), custom color accents, and unique configurations.

When you order, check out one of Telect's hottest—and coolest—new data center rack accessories, the C°Flow™ energy management strip, "a simple solution to the complex problem of data center cooling."

Buy Telect's Data Center Rack now, through Telect's online store.

It's tough. Secure. Cool.

Telect :: we simplify networks.

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