An experimental approach to urbanism that accepts the self organisational aspects of informal development in Mumbai and attempts to see this as a balancing positive to the current commercially led & highly exclusive developments in the Bandra Kurla Complex. Matt proposes that there is no way to control informal encroachment completely, but there are ways to influence it and even reduce some of the most negative aspects (from lack of sewage systems to unsafe construction) by creating nodes that feed into the hardening process of the informal by contributing both knowledge and a limited pallate of materials at cost prices. Based on this new framework, the positive elements of active street life and community cohesion start to return to even the new CBD area with its security and Feriegn Direct Investments.

The project uses new computational approaches to develop self propogating systems based on actual case studies in Mumbai. These systems simulate the 3-Dimensional hardening process of self built informal developments, inclusding the ambiuity o size, function and based upon the availability of materials and existing construction techniques. Instead o erasing or negating the informal, the project attempts to inlude it and influence it through spatial design of the ground plabne, services, supply of materials and technological knowhow and strategic insertion of community amenities.

Student: Matthew Sandhu

Institution: University of Nottingham

Unit: Postgraduate Design Unit 5 (previously 6)

Unit Head: Ulysses Sengupta

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