A promotional trailer shot to raise funding for my first feature film; production commencing in January 2013.
The footage was shot specifically to promote the film and raise funding. It is not a trailer of the real film, as we are still in pre-production right now. The actors are the actual actors I've casted though, minus one.
Shot on Canon 5D mkii but we're considering The Red One or Scarlett, or Sony PMW F3 for the actual film, depends on budget. This trailer was shot in one 15 hr day. Shot on no budget (used my rent money for gas & food, Shhh!)
I'm sure you can see that snow was hard to come by this year. That's a big part of why we need to raise funding, so that we can guarantee snow for the shoot next year.
Our kickstarter campaign will not launch until April 15th. We have, in the meantime, submitted this trailer to a trailer contest in order to help fund the film. Please vote and please spread the word.
Five friends travel to Vermont for an end of college ski trip. When they end up at the wrong location and can't backtrack because of the intense snow and secluded surroundings, they decide to take shelter in a foreclosed house overnight. But when they wake in the morning, things are suddenly not quite what they seem and it's too late to turn back.
Summit is a feature film thriller that pays homage to the slasher genre in both its cliche set-up as well as its surprising originality. This film will be loved by horror film fans and newcomers to the genre alike. It works on a face value level as an exciting and eerie thriller that will shock, scare, and surprise you. But it is also a deeper film that explores human nature. It aspires to be a notable addition to not only the horror genre, but also independent cinema in general.
Writer/Director/Producer: Christina Raia.
Starring: Lauren Ashleigh, Rob Ceriello, Emma Barrett, Ricardo Manigat and Ryan Kramer.
Special thanks to Andrew Bradley (not credited on vimeo)

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