Hey WE"RE CAMERAMEN! We Want The Best!!

Super comfortable contouring. Theres nothing like these. Hand carved from solid block walnut. Just look at the lines. It's pretty.

The best mechanics out there-
Dual rosettes and dovetail slots allow your hand to get under the barrel of the lens - a tremendous advantage for handheld - especially for FS700 type form factors. Put it where you want it with a twist of a knob. No CNC machining, all made in small batches by master machinists in the USA.

Brilliant Electronics-
Fully intelligent brain starts/stops almost every pro camera. Selective menu control on FS700/100 already shipping now with F3/F65/F23 coming via firmware upgrade. Firmware is the key for adapting to new cameras -which will give you a steady hand on the wheel in rapidly changing seas.

Look at the nitty gritty- the buttons are made of tropical ironwood. Organic switches. Why the trouble? They will last 10x or 100x longer and are just plain better than plastic. This thing is thought out and designed as a best in industry tool.

Delivering serial numbers 1- 15 in August. Manufacturing capacity is currently about 15-25 p/month.

Music: Volt by Vate (Http://www.vate.com.mx)

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