From the fluffy Cumulus that form on a sunny day, to the rare Noctilucent clouds that shine from the fringes of space, the fleeting beauty and endless variety of clouds have have always fascinated scientists and daydreamers alike. Learn about the different types of clouds, how they appear and how they produce rain and optical effects in this retro-style introduction video for CloudSpotter, a virtual guide to the wonders of the sky and The Cloud Appreciation Society's first iPhone app. More information on

Those strange looking optical phenomena in the video are the rare "Iridescence" and the more common "Crepuscular Rays" - two of the 40 fascinating cloud varieties and light effects featured in the app.

CloudSpotter turns cloudspotting into a game by challenging you to earn Stars, obtain Achievement Badges and compete against other CloudSpotters around the world as you spot and collect the featured cloud varieties and optical effects.

Animation: Fiasco Design
Voice: Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society and award-winning author of "The Cloud Collector's Handbook" and "The Cloudspotter's Guide"
Story: Kai Oliver Goldmann & Gavin Pretor-Pinney
Sound Editing: Marcus Jost

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