Frau Eva headlines at Rock and Roll Hotel
w/ Ocean vs. Daughter, Think Speak, England in 1819

Thursday, August 2 2012
8:00pm doors, $10
1353 H St, NE

Video by Frau Eva
Starring David Klinger
Featuring music:
"Howling" by Frau Eva
"The Wicker Man" by DK

'The Wicker Man'

"Five fingers make a fist" said the animal in the sky.
The memory lingers in my mind - a blurry vision in the night,
Like a non-tangible cannibal creature with a strong will to survive.
Then it struck me - with its knuckles, I was struck by its size,
As I looked into the eyes of a cannibal who never dies.
I put up my hands, said "Jesus Christ do you exist? are you alive?"
"Five fingers make a fist" said the animal in the sky.

Then to my surprise thought my eyes were telling lies,
Saw Rae Monet, just feet away, and unafraid to walk up to it
The artist acted like she knew it, chanting verses like a druid...
Oh fuck I thought - don't do it!"

She called it by name "wicker man" with her hands reaching out.
"Take me in I can lead you to the words to preach about,
And feed you my heart to be a part of your soul - I'll be devout.
Take my life!", I heard her shout with her hands floundering about.
You better believe that before she was done, I started to run and got the fuck out.

And I haven't seen her since but what I've heard has been disheartening.
They say she moved away and found a stable job in marketing.

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