Glen E. Friedman (tired, just off the plane from New York + two hours traffic to get to the gallery) interviewed by Xeni Jardin while setting up for his opening at Shepard Fairey's Subliminal Projects gallery in Los Angeles.
This is actually a compilation of the last three episodes of a four part series Boing Boing TV did with Glen and Shepard, that concentrate on Glen's work and the show that was getting the final touches as this interview was being filmed.
"Zeni Jardin of BoingBoingTV visited Shepard Fairey's gallery in LA, and spoke with him about the most well-known of his works, the Obama "Hope" poster during the 1st of the 4 episode min-series. That was shot as another artist's work was being hung on the walls: legendary punk / hiphop / skate culture photographer Glen E. Friedman. Shepard and Glen were also working on a collaboration together that brings Shep's visual style together with some of Glen's iconic images.
So here we present the several episodes from that evening of conversations. We begin all about Shepard and Glen's new collaborations together. One of those creative collaborations involves the great DC hardcore band Bad Brains.
The following episode is all about Glen's early work documenting skateboard culture, and the beginnings of American hardcore punk. Including discussion of an image from the very first roll of 35mm film Friedman ever shot. Glen also shares a few more stories, including the story behind the Circle Jerks "Golden Shower of Hits" album cover, which he shot.
In the final episode, Glen discusses some of his Hip-Hop work (in particular an early Beastie Boys session and a Public Enemy photo that ended up on the cover of "Rebel Without A Pause"). He also tells us about the "Liberty Street Protest", a graphic statement against the Iraq war. That took place directly across the street from the ruins of the World Trade Center site, destroyed on the 9/11/2001. "New Yorkers were right here when 9/11 happened, and we don't want this war in our names."

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