What?! is an unprecedented creative research into the implications of dyslexia in dance training and performance.

4 dyslexic professional dancers will work during 9 days in the creation of a piece of work based on choreographer Ji Park’s movement material.

During the creative process the dancers will be interpreting the movement presented according to their aural, visual, kinaesthetic or spatial learning preferences.

They will be investigating the strategies and analysis they put in place in order to remember the material and will incorporate their interpretation into the dance, “deforming” the original sequence.

A sequence of movement could be stripped down to its rhythm, to the direction and shapes it draws in the space, to the energy qualities of the movements or to a plain definition of its main components.

The dancers will be paying attention to how they “hear”, “see” and “sense” the movements and how this informs their dance practice in order to define strategies that can accommodate their preferences.

It is a reversed process. The focus has been moved away from “getting it right” to “what you can remember and why”.

Performance happens @ coachwerks on the 24th May.

further info: coachwerks.org.uk

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