This looks like it's pretty easy to do.

Note: In the video, I go through all kinds of rigmarole to make the video public, but it turns out there was a checkbox right on the sharing-to-Vimeo pop-up panel that I could've unchecked and make it public. Duh.

Also, I click on the done button after dictating a description, but I could have just as easily tapped the dictation key. I'm still getting used to doing things the easy way.

Also, I recorded this with ScreenFlow, which gives me those lovely motion-blurred pans, but also sometimes renders those crazy stacked up busy cursors you see. Screenflow seems to discreetly record the OS's own desktop rendering bla bla bla, and that means it can mis-render elements like it bla bla bla the cursors didn't look like that in real life bla bla bla I still love ScreenFlow.

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