Tallgrass Pictures is a small, lively hybrid production company that creates seamless visuals in print, film, and broadcast. We are creative, client focused and have a high degree of integrity. What sets us apart from others is that we invest heavily in cross training our staff so that each team member can contribute in multiple areas of our production workflow.
From the latest ultra high definition cameras (RED/Alexa), to multiple broadcast calibrated editing stations, everything is connected by an in-house high speed data network. This tight integration allows us to concept, produce, edit, revise and deploy content rapidly over today's multiple delivery platforms.

Director: Jeffrey Lamont Brown
Editor: Alejandro Miyashiro
Motion Graphics: Beau Runnels & Kathryn Szalay
Colorist: Gavin Filipiak
Music: The Decemberists - "Don't Carry It All"

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