Our Project

Our 2012 Burning Man honorarium project takes the shape of a huge air borne moon and a rotating tidal platform.

On the Playa

Lune is an 8m diameter helium filled moon sculpture that will float on high at Black Rock City in the Nevada desert. The sculpture is lit internally.

Full lune at night
The moon has always had a hold over us, it’s long been associated with insanity and mania; the word lunacy comes from the Latin name for the Moon, Luna. Our moon is simply a totem reminder of the temporary madness, mania, delight and delinquency that you experience in the modern festival environment or locations set up for hedonistic play. It celebrates a break, a time out.

At night our moon will create a mirror affect with the real celestial body, emphasizing this idea of paralleled time and place, a break from ordinary formula and routine.

The best part of Lune is that YOU can change the moon’s phase and color. This internal lighting system will allow the individual illumination of segments of the moon to give the effect of it’s changing phases. It is a remote control celestial body, a 90’s game show live on earth, you can take the lunar remote and alter the moons phase from a crescent to half to full moon. The moon’s colour can also be altered from white to blue to red and all the hues in between. As participants will be able to control this, it will possibly give them the power to change the mood of the surrounding viewers or their own environment.

Change Lune's phase and hue by a remote control panel.

The second part of the installation is an 8m diameter revolving circular platform that lies beneath the moon. The central point is where the moon is tethered.

Tide at Burning Man
This is our analogy of the gravitational affect of the moon on our planet. Instead of the tide ebbing and flowing, 3 rings orbit around our moon that can be travelled across or simply sat on. The three rings increase in rotational speed towards the centre causing people to gravitate inwards. When you reach the static centre you can be still and relax as you watch other participants traverse the piece.

The platform will be constructed from 3 circular platforms, rolling on concentric track-ways. They will be driven by motors hidden underneath the structure, creating a subtly moving whirlpool, drawing participators inwards.

You are at the centre of our imagined universe and the world and other citizens spin around you. This is a place to play, dance, travel and meet fellow burners or people in your town.

Last year’s Is Land

Last year we created the project Is Land, this was huge floating island.

Is Land at Secret Garden Party
Is Land at Burning Man 2011
This was first shown at a UK festival Secret Garden Party near Cambridge. Sadly at this event the sculpture’s ropes were cut and the piece floated off in to the atmosphere, the Met office and Civil Aviation Authority helped predict that the island would have potentially headed towards Eastern Europe. The original sculpture was never retrieved but a second version was very kindly funded by Secret Garden Party and built for last years Burning Man.

What we loved about the original island was the narrative and inclusion it generated, with press and individual sightings from all over globe. We loved how the story of the missing island spread like folklore. This year we would like to take our hovering sculpture on a better planned journey but we still create that unifying experience.

The Journey

As well as installing these interactive projects at burning man we also want to take them on a huge tour of the South West region of America. We intend to start in Black rock City then head to Lake Tahoe, the Roden Crater, Roswell, Marfa, down into Mexico, to White sands, on to the Salton Sea, to LA then onto Big Sur and finish out trip in San Francisco.

We want to present our installation at existing local fairs, fetes, events, parks, yard sales, fields and fuel stations, including our work alongside other local happenings, natural phenomenas and built architectures.

Lune at your Wedding, Birthday or BBQ? See the $6000 Reward.
Lune at your yard sale
Lune at the falls
We will leave a flag in the ground at each Lune landing.

Like a carnival we unpack our travelling show at interesting locations along our route, hopefully creating a buzz as we go. A modern circus of sorts continuously being spread by word of mouth. The unsuspecting viewer who stumbles upon our installation is hopefully left with an awe inspiring image and experience.

Our needs

We are trying to raise $12,000 to make this project build a reality, we have already secured partial funding from Burning man and Secret Garden Party of which we are incredibly grateful for..... but we still need funds for the actual fabrication of the Tidal platform and the operation of the dual piece. Listed below are the major components yet to be funded.

Steel tubing
Metal bending
12mm 8x4ft MDF sheeting
Water Jet cutting
CNC Machining
High gloss black paint
Generator hire - Solar panel trailer
Workshop and warehouse rental for 7 weeks
300 cubic metres of Helium
Heavy lifting vehicle rental
Truck rental
Staging hire
General Hardware and supplies
It is an entirely voluntary team that is operating partially in the UK and partially in the US. In addition we are personally funding all fuel and transport for the trip. We are directing the final portion of funds for the production costs of this duel installation, to simply get the piece to Black Rock City.

Your investment will quite literally get this project off the ground! All of the incentives have been very carefully considered and are predominantly hand made, sculpted or hand drawn, so you will receive a beautiful bespoke art work in exchange for your highly valued support.

Lunar flag reward
Thank you so much for taking the time to watch our film, we very much look forward to hopefully meeting some of you, either out in Black Rock City or possibly even at your local yard sale!

A million and one thank you's

Enrique, Sarah and Laurence

Enrique Vasquez
I am the US team leader, I am coordinating the project in San Francisco, CA. I graduated from Fresno Pacific University and earned a BA in Music Education. I have a history in event organisation and project management. I also have a keen interest in Art and Design.

Sarah Cockings
Having recently completed a Masters in Communication Art and Design at the Royal College of Art in London, I work as a freelance Artist and have exhibited nationally and internationally. I have completed residencies in Glasgow, India and Berlin and am a part time lecturer at Chelsea College of Art on the Graphic Design course.

Laurence Symonds
Having worked for the last 3 years as an Interactive Product Designer and Engineer at Concept Shed in Cornwall, UK. I have created numerous pieces for public and private clients as well as self initiated projects, working from initial concepts to technical and aesthetic design, and on to assembly and installation. I have a BEng in Mechanical Engineering. Works include Autowed, an automated wedding vending machine, a G&T based tide clock and a machine to turn plastic washed up on beaches into products.



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