On Saturday, June 6, 2009, members of Casino-Free and other citizens' groups will gather inside a slots parlor located just a few miles from Philadelphia to call attention to the predatory practices used by the casino industry.

The event, called Beat the House, will send two messages: A message of defiance to the predatory gambling trade, and a message of support to Philadelphians who want to keep slot parlors out of their city.

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For the last five years the predatory gambling trade and its political allies have tried to force casinos into our communities, and now is the time we will focus public attention on where it belongs: on the product itself. Our actions during Beat the House will direct the public consciousness on the precise predatory practices being used on our fellow citizens.

During Beat the House we will reveal how the machines are designed and how a slots parlor functions in ways that maximizes the cultivation of gambling addicts and problem gamblers, on whose backs the industry survives.

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