This video was shot to demonstrate the Mosaic Engineering VAF-7D filter for the Canon 7D. The subject is a submarine from WWII that's a permanent exhibit at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Science Center. The interior of the "Tench Class" sub has been preserved as it was when it was removed from active Naval service. The low level lighting inside the 300 ft vessel is similar to the lighting employed when the sub was on patrol in the Pacific.

The low-light and highly detailed nature of the sub created some ideal photographic scenarios to demonstrate the VAF-7D anti-aliasing / anti-morié filter. All scenes were photographed with 16-35mm F2.8L & 24mm F1.4L Canon lenses. The zoom was always at 16mm, wideo open at F2.8. The 24mm was used between F2 & F1.4. For all the interior photography, the Canon 7D was set to ISO 800 and a "Neutral" picture style with both the contrast and sharpness at minimum settings. Both lenses had excellent edge-to-edge focus.

During post-production I used Final Cut 7's basic sharpening filter set to 18%. I also employed the basic 3-way color corrector to add a little mid-band gamma and to null some of the green from the old fluorescent interior lighting. At ISO 800, 7D's exhibit some noise, especially in reds. All things considered, the camera looks great and the VAF-7D filter removed literally all the visible aliasing "stepping" or "jaggie" artifacts in the images. There also appears to be no morié pattern interference.

(Note that when a DSLR image is free of aliasing it usually needs a slight amount of high frequency sharpening to be added in post. This is true of the 7D with the VAF-7D filter and Canon's 5D Mk3. The internal sharpening settings in Canon DSLR's add a "video like" sharpening effect that seems to add fake outlines around contrasty objects. Also note that whenever you use the Mosaic Engineering filter with a zoom lens, its placement behind the lens requires you to zoom to achieve desired shot composition, then focus.)

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