This talk is part of a series to accompany An Introduction to Functional Grammar, by MAK Halliday and CMIM Matthiessen. This talk describes the dimensions of language in Halliday's systemic functional theory. Halliday calls these "working assumptions" or "hypotheses" that enabled him "to formulate, and begin to explore a broad variety of questions concerning language" (Halliday 2003: 1) I introduce here the concepts of:
1. structure, syntagmatic order and the rank scale
2. system, or the paradigmatic order
3. stratification and realization
4. instantiation
5. metafunction

The talks so far in this series are:

Chapters 1&2
An introduction to An Introduction to Functional Grammar

A map of language: basic concepts for the study of language

Five principles of constituency

Understanding the clause

Chapter 3
Clause as message PART 1

Clause as message PART 2

Chapters 4 & 10
Clause as exchange PART 1

Clause as exchange PART 2

Chapter 5
Clause as representation PART 1

Clause as representation PART 2

Chapter 6
Below the clause: groups and phrases

Chapter 7
Above the clause PART 1/2

Above the clause PART 2/2

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