1. Dark Knight Rises
Role: Modeling
*Modeled digital doubles of all football players using photo reference.
*Assistant teammate Keziah Bailey in modeling background destruction set.
*Created normal maps for damage.
2. MagicShop
Role: Modeling, Texturing, Shading, Set Dressing
*Modeled entire set.
*Textured most props
*Developed procedural dusty wood shader to be used on all wooden props
to speed up production time.
*Set-dressed entire set.
3. Tangled Room
Role: Modeling, Set Dressing
4. Character- Emily
Role: Modeling, Shading
*Modeled character from concept art.
*Shaded character.
5. Magic Shop Ext
Role: Modeling
*Modeled Magic Shop and generated normal maps for rendering.
6. Totoro Rabbit
Role: Modeling
*Modeled character from concept by Peter De Seve
7. Character- Xavier
Role: Modeling

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