David and Pauline is the kind of couple that we adore... they have so much trust and respect to our creations and creativity that they just let us tell their story however we wanted to.. not to mention the generosity that they have shown to all of us.

Their wedding was quite simple, but full of love and personal touch. What we really love from this wedding is how everything is so interconnected. How each scenes really give us the chance to get to know them a little bit more and understand that their love is so big to each other. We as film-makers are not magicians. We cannot create moments, all we can do is capture them and boy do we love seeing those little expressions such as pauline's subtle smile during dave's vow.. or dave's funny expression when he saw pauline for the first time in her wedding gown by the stairs.. These are the moments that we fight for when we're out there shooting weddings and we are glad to see them here and there in this edit.

Thanks so much Pauline and Dave for your trust in us and being such a generous and lovely client. Thanks also for sending us the candles when we forgot to bring them home on the day! That sort of gesture really touches our heart.

We wish you all the blessings you deserve

The Paper Cranes Team
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Facebook: facebook.com/papercranesproductions
Education: weddingvideosydney.net/unfold-workshop-2012/

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