The film concept:

For me, Tibet is a far off holy land that seems impossible to reach, yet eminently enticing. I spent over a year on the pre-production of this film, and personally visited Tibet last year for over a month to conduct research. In June, I self-financed this teaser with the intention of attracting investors for the project.
The teaser centres on seven main characters and the state of their lives prior to their Tibet trip. It shows this group of young people born in the 1980s facing various problems and pressures in life and, feeling lost and hopeless, decide to leave everything behind and embark on life a changing journey.
"Indeed, we've still got the time to do what we've not done!"
This independent film project is now seeking investors, and we hope to complete principle production in Tibet by 21 December, 2012. Interested parties should contact Charlie Choi for further details.

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