The theme from The Smurfs as covered by Liquor Cake (Bryn & Megan Tucker). Track 22 on "Gonna Have a Good Time: Two Decades of Saturdays," a collection of cover versions of Saturday Morning Cartoon favorites produced by Kelly McCubbin. Video edited by Mark Bowen.

The Smurfs (French: Les Schtroumpfs) is a Belgian comic and television franchise centered on a group of small blue fictional creatures called Smurfs, created and first introduced as a series of comic strips by the Belgian cartoonist Peyo (pen name of Pierre Culliford) on October 23, 1958. The original term and the accompanying language came during a meal Peyo was having with his colleague and friend André Franquin at the Belgian Coast. Having momentarily forgotten the word "salt", Peyo asked him (in French) to pass the schtroumpf. Franquin jokingly replied: "Here's the Schtroumpf—when you are done schtroumpfing, schtroumpf it back..." and the two spent the rest of that weekend speaking in "schtroumpf language". The name was later translated into Dutch as Smurf, which was adopted in English.

The Smurfs secured their place in North American pop culture in 1981, when the Saturday-morning cartoon series The Smurfs, produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions in association with SEPP International S.A., aired on NBC from 1981 to Aug 25 1990. The show continued to air on the USA network until 1993, followed by the Cartoon network until 2003. Smurfs is still broadcast on the Boomerang station throughout the United States. The show became a major success for NBC, spawning spin-off television specials on an almost yearly basis. The Smurfs was nominated multiple times for Daytime Emmy awards, and won Outstanding Children's Entertainment Series in 1982–1983.

The Smurfs television show enjoyed continued success until 1990, when, after nearly a decade of success, NBC cancelled it due to decreasing ratings and plans to extend their Today morning show franchise to create a Saturday edition, although they didn't do so until some time later.

The Smurf song (also known as the Smurfs theme song or the La La Song) is the general tune that a Smurf sings. The Smurf song was developed by Hanna-Barbera for use in the Smurfs cartoon show, and is also used in other forms of Smurf media such as videogames.In non-American markets, the Smurf song in the introduction sequence would be replaced by one of two alternate theme songs, though the basic Smurf song would be retained in the episodes'soundtrack.

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