Bridge and Tunnel is the coming of age story of six twenty-somethings in post-recession Long Island.

After doing what they "were supposed to" their entire lives — staying out of trouble, getting good grades in high school, going to nice private universities and top tier graduate schools — Eric, Terry, Lina, and Nate are stuck living with their parents as a result of insurmountable student loans, and other debts they've accumulated.

In contrast, their friend Sal took a semester of community college before taking a job as a sanitation worker at 19. His wife Meghan and he are debt-free, living in a nice little apartment by the water.

Bridge and Tunnel tells the story of the only people in an entire generation who have had to deal with both 9/11 up close and the recession.

Stylistically the film tells the story of these six people's year by showing 6 different days.

The humor is dialogue driven and stands by Brescia's philosophy that most of life is a drama, but the people you spend it with and the laughter you share with them are what make it a comedy.

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