"The Killer Among Us" - A Short Film By J.B. Beverley Investment Trailer. © 2012 Rebel Roots Productions. All Rights Reserved.
"The Killer Among Us" is a short film written, produced, directed, and starring J.B. Beverley. The film is currently in pre-production and is tentatively slated for shooting later this year, with a limited 2013 release.
Convicted serial killer Bobby Campbell has a lot to worry about. After a series of threatening letters, Campbell has come to believe that his life is in danger, and that even the isolation of death row will not protect him. As a last ditch effort to plead his case and clear his name, Campbell agrees to do a live TV interview with tabloid journalist Kenneth Stark. Flanked by his assistant Mary Zimmermann, Stark asks the tough questions and provokes Campbell into a frenzy. Things go from bad to worse as the conversation heats up, and Campbell soon realizes that there is more the the threat than he ever imagined!

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