The connection we have with She IS Safe (SIS) seems to becoming deeper and deeper. At the end of 2011, we were able to spend some time with them in Georgia, putting together a video for their Run To Rescue program.

You see, SIS has a huge heart. One that was not just born out of an idea or concept, but out of experience and conviction. They work in some of the hardest and most unreached places in the world. Their very heart, looks a lot like the heart of Jesus:

“Jesus spoke out for the oppressed, strengthened those who suffered, and brought His love to those who had been discarded. In unity with His heart, we minister to abused, exploited, and overlooked women and girls in some of the world’s hardest places.

Jesus cares for people- body, mind, and spirit. To follow His way, we minister in a holistic way, nurturing every aspect of each person.

Jesus empowers others to participate in His work. To multiply the laborers, we train and fund women to show God’s love in their own and neighboring communities through practical empowerment initiatives.

Jesus changes people from the inside out. We invite all people to experience God’s grace through the words and work of Christ without coercion or manipulation.”

All that to say, we had the privilege to work in India and capture the transformational work that is happening through the holistic training they are providing. Before this was to take place, Jesus made the miraculous happen in our lives so that this video was possible.

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