The Way to Eternal Life.
August 5, 2012.
Mark 10:17-31.
By Rob Orr.

This man sought after salvation, but not a Savior.
He also saw salvation as something he deserved & could earn, vs. 17 & 20.
He did not see Jesus as God, vs. 18.
He was not willing to surrender control of his wealth to Jesus, & that prevented him from receiving salvation, vs. 21-22.
Seeing one’s need for salvation is not enough to be saved. It requires repentance and: Realizing you don’t deserve it & cannot earn it.
Accepting Jesus as God, Savior & Lord of your life. Committing to follow Him, vs. 21.
Money is a spiritually neutral commodity, but it is our attitude towards it that can be the problem; 1 Tim. 6:10, 17-19.
Eternal life is being in an everlasting relationship w/God through Jesus; John 17:3.
Eternal life is impossible to obtain without the sovereign work of God (vs. 27, John 6:44, 65), but Jesus will never reject one who truly comes to Him (John 6:37).
Eternal life is found in Jesus; John 10:9,14:6,1 John 5:11-12.

Sunday Morning at 10 a.m at
Rolling Hills Covenant Church Community Center
735 Silver Spur Road
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

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