This video shows the continuation of our family camping trip here at Wench Creek Campground on Sunday, July 15, 2012.

First of all, I explain our plan for this day and also the bear incident! According to my aunties, the bear(s) came like around 3, or 4 a.m. They even heard the sound of the bear! Awww too bad I was already knocked out around that time. So I later showed proof of the bear. Even a teeth mark was dented into the red ice box chest. The longanisa (the sausages), and the burger patties have been chewed away.

Coming after 10:30 a.m., we all headed to Bassi Falls. It was just northeast of our campsite. Once we got there, we hiked a little bit towards the falls. Due to a previously dry winter, the falls wasn't really impressive. Only a small stream of water remained. There were still some life and water/ponds around. The scenery was beautiful though! My cousin Ronel found a water snake as well!

As it neared 12:30 p.m., we hiked back to the car, leaving Bassi Falls. We had fun riding in Uncle Abe's vehicle on the dusty, bumpy, rough road!

When we got back to the camp, I filmed a bit more around our campsite in Wench Creek Campground. I also had a bit of fun walking on a fallen tree.

By around 3-3:30 p.m., most of us, except my mom, headed to Union Valley Reservoir lake to enjoy swimming. This was our last afternoon here so we were making the most out of it. However, I stayed high and dry, taking in the views and soaking up the afternoon sun and of course film and take photos. They also had a rafting boat so some of my cousins and Richie and sis were playing on the lake while the rest of us, particularly everyone but me, my sis, Shanon, Shathana, Richie and Steven stayed in the lake.

Back at camp, Melinda and Melanie arrived. I also ate a bit of a snack. Then coming early sunset time, me and my mom went back to the Union Valley Reservoir to enjoy the sunset, particularly by the Azalea Cove Campground side of the lake. Sunset was shortly before 8 p.m. from our spot.

Later, it shows us walk back to Wench Creek Campground while along the Union Valley Reservoir Bike Trail. We hurried back to camp before it got very dark...taking in some last minute scenery. There was a large ponderosa pine that blocked the original path that led to our campground. It was our last evening here.

We had a lot of great food for dinner. We got a lot of BBQ chicken wings, and also Uncle Ricky's special hot sauce with steak! We also saw the night sky down at the Union Valley Reservoir just after 10:30 p.m. with most of us. Uncle Ronnie stayed behind at camp to keep watch. (it wasn't shown in video)

To end the evening with a bang, the aunties had fun dancing with the music at the campfire. But I think some of us really wanted to do it to the max...Uncle Ricky tried to move his vehicle to the campfire!!! Unluckily, there were too much obstacles for the vehicle to pass safely so it's been aborted.

As it got later, like passed midnight already, I was finally trying out the "survival" food some of us bought from Walmart. I got the spaghetti with meat sauce. Uncle Ricky and Uncle Ron put a huge tree log on the campfire! It's our last evening so might as well crank it up, right?

[Filmed at Eldorado Nat'l Forest in Wench Creek Campground, CA and at Union Valley Reservoir, on Sunday, July 15, 2012 with my Canon Powershot SD1100 IS Digital ELPH camera]

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