The incredulous 'wwooow' in the background of this footage proves I haven't grown up around horses.

I was on a shoot, interviewing someone for another story, when I started to smell burning hair.

I knew there was a man putting new shoes on the horses nearby.

When we finished I wandered over to see the final stages of the shoes being melded onto the horse's hooves. Steam! I quickly grabbed my camera out and snatched a few seconds.

I had seen some of his work when I first arrived at the property - including the 'horse nail polish' used to coat their feet at the end of the whole process.

The next thing I knew a giant metal 'emery board' appeared. A horse pedicure!

Rob Anderson, the Farrier responsible for all this nimble work, worked with great craftsmanship.

He told me he'd been kicked, stabbed, thrown to the ground, pushed - everything you can imagine - in his job.

Aahhhaa! This, I thought, this is a subject for Day in the Life. If you're like me and have never had much to do with horses, watching him work was a real treat.

Stay tuned for more on the day of a Farrier. I promise not to 'wooooow' so loudly next time!

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