Israel / Germany
© 2012 kulafilms production

filmed and directed by Daniel Kula
music by Ben Hereth
edited by Lian Rotem

Ben the friendliest and fastest tailor of all times is a great character ! Very loved and respected by his clients and the whole neighborhood, always joyful and too fast to believe your eyes. I was shocked by this skills and the speed of light this man is working at. Doing this handcraft which was given on since generations in his Iraqui jewish family. Ben really made my day every time we met by chance or in his tiny shop, this man is a machine.
His fast moves between his sewing machines very much reminded me of an DJ.
Much later I luckily met another Ben, on a gig in Berlin`s great Image Movement. Ben Hereth a gifted composer and musician, It was clear straight away that his progressive music is what the shots are waiting for. Ben made it happen and contributed his progressive music from his new album.

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