Music by Gareth Icke
Video directed by Miki Zoric

The song was written and performed by Gareth Icke, son of conspiracy theorist and author David Icke. In the world on conspiracy, one can become obsessed with 'following the red tape' and connecting dots.
So too can a person get overloaded with information about world events on the news which seems to broadcast mostly bad news. Much like any obsession, worrying too much about the future will take you out of the present moment and you will miss the journey by focusing too much on the destination.

I had this idea about a guy who after falling into a dream, wakes up and finds himself tied to a ribbon which leads out of his front door and out into the street. He follows it to see where it leads, becoming ever more curious about it's destination.
Along the way he meets a pretty girl who clearly has an interest in him, which he fails to see because of his obsession with the ribbon. He almost gets run over by his friends due to his blindness, focusing only on the ribbon. Still more obsessed with it's destination that hanging out with his pals, he carries on following it only to find it leads him to a graveyard where eventually it pulls him into an empty grave.

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