Alessandro is loved for his roman charm and messy down to earth cooking… taste is important, but in tv you should always please the eye. In this surreal fake backstage clip, our chef is playing into the self irony of the concept and responding to criticism with a funny sketch.

- And, our dish is ready!
- Cuuuuut!
- Alessandro, can I tell you something? These “super special spaghetti”…
- Super Spaghetti!
- Ok, right, these “Super Spaghetti”.. they’re just not photogenic: they look like crap.
- But they’re delicious.
- I’m sure thay are, but they they’re just sad to look at. Can you make them a little more fun, or attractive?
- “Make them more fun… attractive”… Ok, you want attractive, here come the most attractive spaghetti you’ve ever seen!

Writer / Creative Supervisor: Anna Passarini
Director: Daniele Napolitano
Produced by ANG Film
Producer: Damiano Ticconi
Sound Carlos Zarattini

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