Video commissioned by UNIT Park Tech, wakeboard and snow obstacle manufactures.
Hannam’s Wake Hub is run by brothers Ben and Terry Hannam who have both been riding and coaching for more years than they like to calculate! As riders they have designed the setup for riders, you won’t find nails sticking out of obstacles to harm your beloved board. Hannam’s Wake Hub is a perfect learning spot for all levels of riders. There are two System 2.0 cables set up on separate farm reservoirs. There are obstacles aplenty all supplied by UNIT, with 9 meter high towers.

Hannam’s Wake Hub has the biggest collection of UNIT Obstacles in the United Kingdom, and this ensemble makes for an epic wake park. Lee Debuse, Ollie Moore and James Young recently visited the park near Cambridge to put their own stamp of approval onto the place.

Lee Debuse
Ollie Moore
James Young
Music - I'm From Barcelona, 'Get In Line'

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