Set in the near future; a housewife has a mental breakdown when she suspects her husband of infidelity. She then plots her revenge on her husband and his mistress but, are her suspicions accurate?

Project Requirements -
Genre: Science Fiction
Prop: A Coloring Book
Character: Chris or Christina Samuels
Profession: Musician
Dialogue: Let's do it.

Awards -
Best Actress, Susan Wynne Lunning - 48 Hour Film Project
Best Use of Graphics, Lemar Hager - 48 Hour Film Project
Best Actress, Susan Wynne Lunning - 2013 IMPA Awards

Cast -
Susan Wynne Lunning - The Wife -
Michael Banks - The Husband
Sabreen Al-Hameed - The Niece
Veronica Knight - The Friend
Nicole Hargrove - The Bartender

Crew -
Sound by Calle Friesen
Music by Rich Cantrell
Directed by Lemar Hager

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