Note: this is a digital compilation of the immersive music and video piece, re-creating House's four screen video environment (as it was set up at the Center for Contemporary Arts of Santa Fe) and digitally placing the musical ensemble into the cube of video scrims.)

TILT House Quartet
Chris Jonas composer, soprano saxophone (Santa Fe)
Chris DiMeglio trumpet (NYC)
Jen Baker trombone (NYC)
Chris McIntyre trombone, TILT Brass Director (NYC)

Santa Fe Production/Creative Team
Chris Jonas composition, video, project director, digital compilation (Littleglobe, Inc), Acushla Bastible stage director (performance), Echo Gustafson choreography/movement (video), Charles Gamble actor/movement (video), Dylan McLaughlin cinematography, video operations (video), Matthew "Kabby" Kabakoff, audio recording.

Garden II: House is a collaboration between Chris Jonas (as both composer and video maker), the members of TILT Brass' House quartet, and the creative team of Littleglobe of Santa Fe. This is the second chapter of a trilogy of Garden works combining live music and immersive video. The composition of Garden II: House was funded in part by a New Music USA/Meet the Composer Commissioning Music award.

Garden II, House premiered fall 2011 at University Settlement in New York City. The piece was updated and performed in two evenings to sold out audiences at the Center for Contemporary Arts of Santa Fe June 29-30, 2012. This is the piece that TILT Brass is applying for funding to record for audio and video release.

Garden II: House mixes video of imaginary human environments and landscapes to explore the human inclination to build structures of many forms to protect and separate ourselves from the natural world around us. The music and immersive video was written concurrently by Chris Jonas to be a single synthetic creative form, applying the devices of each discipline as means to amplify the culminating audience experience to neither be soundtrack nor accompanying video, but rather a third fresh experiential realm, ideally "super-powering" the musical experience. The result was audience members reporting losing themselves into the music and imagery and experiencing a live musical performance in a completely new way.

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