The common divider of a stay in a psychiatric hospital and a family is a card game.
"There where there are no norms, only rules, I was happy playing cards"
Le diviseur commun d'un séjour à l'hôpital psychiatrique et la famille est un jeu de cartes.
"Là où il n'y a pas de normes que des règles, j'étais très heureuse en jouant aux cartes"
Duration : 5 min
Year : 2006
Author : Annie Abrahams.
Voice Patricya Rydzok (French subtitles in English)
Actors : Annie Abrahams and her mother and 4 sisters.

This video shows six women playing card in a garden. The speed of the video is slowed down in order to absorb the viewer into the movements of and the relation between these women.
A voice-off relates a story, that seems incomprehensible, makes you feel uneasy and wondering about its relation to the women.

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