Hannam’s Wake Hub is run by brothers Ben and Terry Hannam who have both been riding and coaching for more years than they like to calculate! As riders they have designed the setup for riders, you won’t find nails sticking out of obstacles to harm your beloved – and expensive – board nor will you find a slack cable, because before and after you ride, we want a go!! Hannam’s Wake Hub is a perfect learning spot for all levels of riders. There are two System 2.0 cables set up on separate farm reservoirs. There are obstacles aplenty all supplied by UNIT, and with 9 metre towers you are guaranteed some serious air time. Cable 1 'The Pond' with 2 kickers and a flatbox is an ideal setup for learning to ride, all the way through from getting out of the water for the first time to your first double S-bend!! Cable 2 'The Park' has 5 UNIT obstacles, a pipe rail, spine kicker, rooftop, ollie box and an incline rail, it's not just about the trick any more, it's about the line!

Hannam’s Wake Hub is located just north of Cambridge on the A10, in amongst a 3000 acre farm so don’t be surprised if you see the odd rider arrive on a tractor!

Lee Debuse
Ollie Moore
James Young

Camera and Edit - Sim Bradley / a-m-p.tv
Music - I'm From Barcelona, 'Get In Line'

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