I was wondering how good Cinelerra is for purpose of deinterlacing. The film was taken with Hi8+DOF in cinema format. As can be seen, there is not much of interlacing visible. This is one of the advantages of DOFs, not much commented about. Every clip has explanation how it was done. Final encoding with FFMPEG.
The best to watch would be monster size monitor, may be large LCD TV or projector. I think that the best colour is for "Frames 2 Fileds" (50fps) way. ( It depends, CRT or LCD - which is not much good for films/photos). It can be seen that each of methods impacts colour balance.
Musicians are from famous Cuban band, Buena Vista Theatre, (Buena Vista Social Club) their latest tour/show (March 2009 in Australia) and some other Cubans living in Sydney.
We were celebrating - Dia de Madres or Mothers Day 2009.

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