Imagine a house that has everything you need, but nothing more.
Walls and a roof that shelter, but do not entrap with false promises and hidden costs.
The Dutch have an untranslatable word: gezellig, the Germans say gemütlich.
It’s a combination of comforting, welcoming, cosy, inspiring.
In this spirit I built this house to be efficient and practical and aesthetically nourishing.
Created spontaneously by hand using simple tools,
each piece is imbued with the memory of its making.
And it cost no more than a few months of work.
It contains only objects that give tangible pleasure, or are inherently useful:
fire, water, food, clothes, a couple books, a sharp knife.
It provides space to eat, play, read, dream.
It’s a refuge, but not a fortress.
It lets the outside in, but gives imagination flight.
Falling asleep under this curved roof evokes memories of our ancestral cave.
With lines of sight to the rising and setting sun, and a skylight to the stars,
this essential shelter leaves nothing wanting.

Foot print: 49 square feet
Usable space: 98 square feet
Cost to build: $5286
Time to build: sporadically over three months
Location: Bay Area

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