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Project Let's Bring Kicking Back

I am currently in the process of rebuilding my KICKING TRICKS and i hope to convince everyone to do the same.

Join me?

Every week I'll be posting single clips of Kick Tricks. I'm starting this whole album off with 540. Upload your KICK TRICKS and share.

I wanna bring kicks back because our generation of "TRICKERS" sucks at it!!

The sport "Martial Arts Tricking" originally came from MARTIAL ARTS. duh. So what are we without kicks? SLOPPY GYMNASTS. I love gymnastics, don't get me wrong, but the thing that makes us different is our ability to break shit while we flip. So how do we do that? By using KICKS! Follow me people? I believe putting some martial arts theory and discipline into our tricking will keep our sport as an individual. It will still be a MARTIAL ART. Without our teachings and knowledge acquired from martial arts class, tricking will always just be a bunch of kids throwing themselves in the air finding their way back to their feet. At least that's what i believe. Of course i am not the rule maker of tricking so if you don't agree, then don't follow the same path i chose, witch is to KICK while i trick. Now I'm not saying as a martial arts tricker we can't throw "Twisting TRICKS," I'm just trying to encourage others to keep kicking to keep the martial arts in tricking alive.

Are you a "Backyard Tricker?" Never took martial arts classes in your life but like to trick? Never took classes because you wanted to but couldn't afford it growing up? READ A MARTIAL ARTS BOOK! I swear It'll help. Let's put some knowledge behind the moves we do rather than just jump around like monkeys. Believe me, after understanding and trying to learn about different martial arts and how different styles add flavor to a move, it help me so much with tricking and this is the reason I hope to encourage everyone else to do it. It helped me and it could help you to.

Don't think it matters? All good. Do what you do. Trick how you want to trick. I don't judge:] lol. Just have fun and keep it up!

Thanks for watching!!!

_Jeremy Marinas

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