Hello friends,

This is a automation robot project, this project has configured in Xilinx FPGA (spartan 3an) and vhdl coding has been used to program that system, This robot simply follow a black path, and when any obstacle encountered in front of robot then robo will stop until the obstacle has been removed. This project having one more feature that this robo will only run when it see any reflecting surface, means if you take it in your hand then it will not work, This feature gives a strength to the robot that if the robot is running on any height from the earth surface like boundary-less roof, table etc, then the robo will automatically stop at the end of boundary. and the robo will not fell down to ground.

I hope you like this video, I really love to read your suggestions and comments here,
My name is "Naresh Singh Dobal", for more information please write us at nsdobal@gmail.com

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