The film To New Horizons (work in progress) is an assemblage of a number of elements: a voice over and film footage from American and Russian films from the 1930´s.

To New Horizons draws its inspiration from the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union in the 1930s, when American engineers, construction managers and designs were used for the planning and building of Stalin’s first Five-Year plan for the industrialization of the Soviet Union.

In the arts and specifically in the culture of cinema there were exchanges and influences between the two powers, revealing a co-dependency of these two cold war enemies.
By confronting and assembling the similar aesthetics between the two super power enemies my aim is to create an ambivalence between what is American and what is Russian.

This ambivalence brings us to focus on a parallel matter of how we read the mechanisms and aesthetics of propaganda and Public Relations.

The 1930´s were crucial years where propaganda was well established and at the same time PR established itself as we know it today.

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