Helvodica isn't a simple alcoholic beverage. Helvodica is living without borders or worries. Pure ars vivendi. People who drink Helvodica once, can count themselves to a circle of discerning connoisors.

A young, beautiful girl wants to be included in that circle. And this is where the short film begins:

In a studio enviroment an acceptance ritual is celebrated. A calm, weird music defines the beginning atmosphere of the short film. 8 members of the exclusive Helvodica-circle are present.

They're wearing ritual cowls.The girl wears a red, almost transparent dress. She knees in front of the high priest. The high priest takes out a metallic decanter and starts activating the girl.

Creative Producer: Philipp Pfingsttag
Director / Editor: Rafael Hanussek
DoP: Julian Holzwarth

Helvodica Girl: Stephanie Nickel
High Priest: Udo Rohde

Dubstep song: "Yell if You Wanna" by the Nineties and Ascendance

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