I'll show you how to incorporate a medicine ball into your leg workout. Use your legs in all planes of motion to increase mobility. You'll find that these exercises will also help you improve balance, stability, knee strength and sports performance. If you like hiking, you'll love using these in your cross-training routine.

You can use one of these exercises to spice up your routine or use all three to help transform your body in 90 days or less.

I recommend sets 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps for general strength training and 15-20 reps per set for anyone looking to increase strength endurance.

1. Stationary lunge with medicine ball
2. Pendulum lunge with medicine ball
3. Lunge matrix (aka 3D lunge)

-Keep front knee over ankle while doing lunges
-Stop 2 inches from the ground with the back knee that is dropping down
-Keep feet shoulder width apart while doing a lunge
- If your knees are weak or sore in the beginning you can use a knee brace and it
should help unless you have physically limiting issues in which case you should
consult your doctor before starting

For your convienience I'm including a link to check out medicine ball size options for purchase on Amazon astore.amazon.com/queshealandwe-20/detail/B0007IS73C



Yours in health, Chris Knight - Professional Fitness, Nutrition and Life Coach since 2001

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