Here is a time-lapse video showing the Funnel Web Spider Dolly (FWD) in action.
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The dolly has a 2rpm motor used as a time-lapse rig as seen in this video.
Before we start production we need your input to make the FWD the best it can be, tell us what you want in a camera dolly system.

If you would like to buy one contact to get on the list.

Q.Why would I want a FWD?
A. If you are a film maker and want to add extra production value to your shoot. The dolly is an essential tool that has been a staple piece of equipment in the film industry ever since it's inception. No advances in technology has been able to replace the simple mechanics of the rolling wheel and the human touch of a dolly move to add emotion, substance and meaning to an otherwise static shot.

Q. What can you use for track?
A. We recommend you use 50mm aluminium tube because it is very strong and can mount directly into our custom made tube clamp bar system that will hold the tube 250mm apart for the dolly to slide up and down on. You can buy the track from your local Aluminium supplier to save on postage.

Aluminium Dolly body
16 custom wheels turned down to provide smooth and silent camera moves.
ABEC 7 bearings
Flat black painted finish to reduce reflections.

Tool less design means it can be broken down to fit into a small bag.
Depending on the needs the FWD can be transformed into many different configurations.
Check out to find behind the scenes photos and info.

Music by: Russell W 'Pastel for Alum'

Full Loop:

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