The 4200 ton Light Cruiser SMS Nürnberg was part of the Imperial Fleet interned in Scapa Flow at the end of the First World War. It was scuttled along with the rest of the fleet on June 19th 1919, however the British were able to successfully refloat her after she drifted ashore. This was only a temporary reprieve though as she was subsequently taken down to the Channel to be used as target practice. On 7th July 1922, after taking more than 30 6" shells from HMS Repulse, the Nürnberg eventually sank for the final time.

The wreck lies some 30 miles south of the Needles in the middle of the English Channel. Maximum depth is 63m but much of the wreck lies above 60m.

If the wreck is approached from the bow the fist thing that strikes you are the two windlasses which miraculously stand up a good 5m from the wreck. The next thing you notice are the large, 15cm guns that were the main armament.

The wreck sits more or less upright & the bow is very sharp. I think it would be possible to get well over 63m on the sea bed here.

At the other end of the wreck the starboard of the two giant propellors and rudder is visible with the other hidden underneath the wreck.

There are many portholes but all appear to be iron!

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